keV dales gardening news

06 07 14 Saturday. Starting with the allotment. Ground,wet and very slippery. After throwing a bag of mixed garden waste,and other composting material, I placed another bag of leaves at the side of the main compost heap.the Brussels sprouts are filling out now,and I'm pleased to say that come Christmas day,the Brussels will be in full supply. I did eventually dig up,not two but three foxgloves from the allotment, and then putting them into pots when I got home.I'm leaving the leeks to bulk up for Christmas day.after clearing the leaves from herb garden,I decided to give the herbs a trim.I collected a mixture of old,spent compost and leaf mould from underneath the firsthand. After first sieving it off I mixed it with fresh compost,to repot the three foxgloves.back to the herbs,after clearing away the old stuff I left the rest in the kitchen. Wonderful scent.

keV Dales's gardening news 15 12 14 .this morning I did a bit of cutting back,and tidying up in the borders.cutting all but one or two chrysanthemums right back,putting all the energy in to next years new growth.having kept an eye on the echinea's I decided to cut them right back hard,dig them up and place them in the greenhouse ready for next spring,and summer.a few months ago,I decided to buy two mature chrysanthemums from a named supermarket, they had wonderful purple now they have being cut right back hard and put in the greenhouse, and they already have new growth.the nasturtium from the allotment, has had a good cut,now the challenge is to try and keep it alive for next year.

04 12 14 Thursday. Well this morning leaf collecting was the main job,and I really went to work in the borders using a rake,and then collecting by hand.that has made a big difference but there is still plenty more left.and after that I cut back hard the winter chrysanthemums, when a thought came to me,try a little experiment. A stem on the chrysanthemum was long,and had four buds left on it so I cut it into section's and placed them in a pot to see if they make roots for next spring.there was also a growing foxglove under the firethorn, so that was lifted and put into a plant pot.after raking over the mulch in the borders,the worm's seem to have taken it underground. As its thinned out in places.on a final note a single rose climbing rose was sat on the crabapple tree,so I cut it and took inside. Fanstic.

03 12 14 well its that time of the year again.I'm trying to find something to do outside, that's not for the sake of it.I have repotted a few poppy's black beauty's that were in a larger pot all together,and now they have their own individual pots.I dug up a big nasturtium from the allotment,a few weeks ago and put it a pot,it has a really strong root system and a few flowers on it.about three months ago in a reduced part of a garden centre I bought a arctotis hedi and a arctotis Hannah,and over the past week or to it has come into flower.the downside is it should flower up to late autumn, so now it Freeze's it dies so I have put them into individual pots then over winter them in the greenhouse. Looking at the mulch on the is working its way in,so I'm going to give it a helping hand,by raking it level and then bagging up the rest for the sowing of spring seeds and plants.

30 11 14 Sunday well,this is the first morning this week when I can actually,get to grips with the garden.first of all,collection of the leaves all the leaves have now fallen from the silver birch. So I bag up a lot,trying not to collect any mulch as well.after that I decided to give the geranium a trim,and then I gave it a feed of compost, put it and another two back into the greenhouse until next spring.I also noticed that a callandula has made up its mind to flower again.yet again more cutting back the chrysanthemums, there is still a few of them flowering thankfully. Tomorrow winter begins.then is the time when I see how long I can keep the chrysanthemums flowering.

24 11 14 well the start of another I decided to repot a couple of Christmas roses,and two small teasles,they were getting to be moved on.last night was host to a light air frost,I later remembered that I had left the summer viola's outside.not a good idea the summer's dahalia's have now fully dried out.always turn them upside down,to drain off all the moisture and then wrap them up in newspaper, ready for planting next year. Yesterday I did repot four Carnation's that were taken from a bunch of flowers.put them in water,until roots start to show,then pot them on into compost,then plant them in the garden.tomorrow I shall go to the allotment.

22 11 14 Sunday, hello again fellow gardener's. Well today I had a walk down to the greenhouse. And the corn flowers that I reppoted, a few weeks ago are in need of potting on again ! And the parsley so I decided to check the rest of the flowers.there is a couple of teasles,and a pot of Japanese salad leaves that I somehow managed to miss.a few months ago I saw in a flower sale,two packs of chrysanthemums. In the colours of white,and pink.a good investment for next I put them into bigger pots,which they quickly outgrew. Putting them into the borders, they are now flowering with a vengeance. Wonderful flowers my advice to you,my fellow gardeners is check out your local garden nursery's and garden centres and buy a horticultural bargain.I love chrysanthemums, the range of colours the foliage, the smell,and especially the autumn and winter colours. Wonderful !! 

21 11 14 Saturday well,let me first start by saying thank you to the new Zealand gardeners for making me feel very welcome on their gardening website and also if you want to contact me my email address is next march I'm going to publish a few gardening booklets about growing your own vegetables fruits and herbs flowers making compost and leaf mould so back to my gardening jobs over the last couple of days I have been repotting viola's cool summer breeze a nice light blue with a touch of yellow and they will come into flower next summer I have also cut back quite a few of the late autumn, winter flowering chrysanthemums bronze and pink and a bright yellow there is still plenty left and they have being used for cut flowers this time of year the winter vegetables on our allotment will start to come into their own after cutting the borage back hard and in some areas pulling it up its really started to grow again I'm drying seeds out in the greenhouse seeds from rose hips and then I will sow them in pots and then again in spring to see what happens if you would like to write to me the address is keV dale 19 Richmond road retford Nottinghamshire England dn226sj 

18 11 14 Tuesday, well its raining again,so I'm thinking what to do in the garden.I know check out the echinacea's and so I did.after repotting them and giving them a good compost feed,I cut back the old growth and put them in the cold frame until next spring. Collecting the leaves from the borders is not a job I'm that excited about,but the end results are always worth it.wonderful leaf mould, that goes hand in hand with home made compost.I started to go through the seed collection, and quite a few were going mouldy,so I separated them stored the good ones and put the others in the compost bag.near the herb bed a foxglove is almost in flower,at this time of the year.if cutting back the begonia's last Sunday, the used compost would end up at the bottom of a plant pot to add bulk before putting a fresh layer of compost on top of that.some of the spring bulbs are already starting to come through the soil oh happy days

16 11 14 today is Sunday,and what a gardening,allotment day it has been! To start of with,a month or to ago,I planted a mixture of seeds,now I'm wondering if the seeds that I planted have gone in at the right time?I did plant hollyhocks, in early November as opposed to October, and they have become small plants.the ones that I was really interested in,were thistle seeds.this is what looks different from the others, I'm hoping that these other plants that I repotting this morning, are thistles time will tell.and then so up to the good life allotment, where I picked quite a few Brussels sprouts, and two cabbages. I started to check the thickness of the leeks,and decided that five good sized ones would do nicely. The other day I noticed that a layer of leaf mould had formed,so with a plastic bag I collected it up.its wonderful stuff,and well worth the effort and time.I'm going to mix it up with our own organic compost,a great smell of rotted down leaves.

14 11 14 so,to recap the last couple of days in the garden,I have repotted the corn flowers,black ball and the poppies black beauty. Over a couple of evenings,fighting with time and daylight, to get it all done.I have also cut back all the echinea's so they can save all their energy for growing next summer.planted the herbs into a pot,with lots of stones for drainage, and poor soil.the garden is winding down now,but...there is still color the rubeckia's are still flowering well,I'm going to lift them put them in the greenhouse for next year,and see what happens. Our Dahlia's have dried out really well,so I'm going to store them away until its time to pot them last thing when I'd just about given up on getting any leaf mould I have found it round,the compost heap!

Well to sum up my jobs yesterday, after I finished bagging up the compost, there would be altogether twenty seven wheelbarrow loads,seventeen on the garden and ten barrow loads going up to our good life allotment. To put it all into perspective, there is here three one thousand kilo bags of compost. I would take up ten bags of compost, and put them on the compost heap.whilst I was there I would pick some Brussels sprouts, for a meal or two.when I arrived back home I decided to dig in lots of compost into our nursery bed,then plant our cabbages for next spring. In the greenhouse, the corn flowers,calendula's and poppies are really hitting a growth spurt, so I decided to put some of them in the cold frame.the chrysanthemums are getting top heavy so I shall cut them back,and take them inside for the cottage garden this time of year,I'm trying to coax as much growth as possible from the chrysanthemums, they are my favourite autumn_winter flower,the look,texture, and fragrance is for me intoxicating I love,10 11 14 was spent potting the rest of our bulbs,in the late sun of November, gardening bliss 

the good life 10 11 14

07 11 14 hello again,well in between the rain and stopping for a few wonderful mugs of coffee,I did eventually get the garden mulched. Fourteen wheelbarrow loads of compost into the borders, and pots,all the roses were given a good mulching, a job well done.what compost is left will be,bagged up for sowing seeds,and repotting. But the biggest amount will be going on the compost heap,ready for next wife and myself were bagging up the compost until it got to dark to see.looking around the garden,the chrysanthemums are getting top heavy,so this is a sign for me to cut them back for the house,plenty more to take their place.I'm going to plant a few cabbages in our nursery bed,next to the greenhouse, instead of the allotment to see if the birds will eat them.another job for me tomorrow, is to pot up the rest of the bulbs I will put three layers into one pot,and wait to see what happens.... Plans for next year my ideas for colours in the borders, orange yellow purple blue bold,bright a jewel garden I'm expecting big things next year roll on spring ! 

07 11 14 two days ago,I decided that I'm going to mulch the garden,so I visited the place where I normality go to order it in when it comes to doing a heavy labour intensive job like this,I'm like a boy at Christmas time,I love it!so now on this early Saturday morning I'm ready to start.whatever is left over,is going up to the allotment and will be used up there. I'm still in the stages of repotting lots of plants,for the garden and for the plant fairs.I have cut back hard the BlackBerry bushes,mainly because they were taking up lots of room,and some of the branches had rubbed against each other, so thin out and cut of my ladies customers wanted me to cut her Rosie's back,even though they had flowers about to burst into color so I cut them back,took them home,put them into water and they showed themselves in all their glory.peach and red wonderful ! 

05 11 14 November,well now that the allotment is slowly winding down,I decided to plant all the spare this sounds like a straight forward task,but looking where to plant them thinking will they take up to much room for the vegetables? so I decided to bring a few back,for pots.while I was there checking the cabbages for slug damage, no matter how hard you try,they still get themselves inside I picked three of the smaller ones,a few Brussels sprouts and Swiss chard,which has more holes in it thanks to an unseen insect or bird.I'm still picking kale,lots of flavour and a great shade of green the garlic is showing itself, and red onions.I keep adding lots of garden waste to the compost heap in the garden the hollyhock seeds that I planted a few weeks ago,are now doing well I also tried an experiment,sow rose hip seeds,and thistle seeds I shall write down what happens.I have pulled up all the dahilia plants there were getting wet with the rain,but they have been very good.lots of cut flowers taken from the chrysanthemums,bronze, and pink there is still lots of repotting to be done

25 10 14 into the garden,for it's autumn cutting back digging over,and planting.lots of cutting back going on today,and it really did make a difference to the borders.allowing air to get in and light.and just as important, lots of garden waste for the compost heap.I cut back some of the late flowering chrysanthemums, which had grown a bit lanky,but the effect was immediate, and there should be plenty more flowers. Today, whilst shopping I saw two wonderful purple coloured chrysanthemums, and the lady there told me that they were down to half price! So I raced back to get a white one,but somebody got their hands on I planted them in the border,gave them a good drink,and they look great.slowly the borders are being taken over by autumn flowering chrysanthemums! What bliss!tommrow, I shall do more autumn work in the borders,and check on the allotment, to see if there is anymore Brussels sprouts,and leeks.these are the rewards of growing your own.there's nothing quite like it 

23 10 14 the front bed.a big clear out,was the order of the day.digging up the old Dahlia's and putting the stems into the compost bag,I cut down the stems,the tuber's were turned upside down to dry them of for drying off.the ground was then turned over,leaves collected and placed into the compost bag.I also planted three kg's of reduced narcissis,sented.a good bargin really good sized bulbs.planted wall flowers in bronze,and red good autumn colours.I have also cut back a few orange chrysanthemums, these are for the house.I have bought two packs of reduced chrysanthemums replotted them,then put them into the garden.they are now starting to cannot beat a horticultural bargain.scan the garden nursery's I do,and you never know what you might find.

Octobzer at the allotment

Well,over the weekend I was hoeing at the allotment,and I planted three lots of onions,collected the years first Brussels sprouts,four good sized leeks,ideal for home made soup.I pulled up a few borage plants,mainly to make room for more vegetables, and also to add fuel to the compost heap.talking of that,I've added another compost heap,so I can fine tune the first one,and add bulk to the new one.I have dug up the runner beans,and the broad beans that I planted a few weeks ago,are showing themselves. The great thing about hoeing,is that the results are immediate, and very satisfying. Its a real labour of love for me.the curly kale that I have grown from seed,have been the best ever.I have had a home in the garden,I have collected thistle seeds,and I have down them.I shall wait to see what happens. Also,a lot of hollyhocks, a great cottage garden plant,which no garden,should be without. My favourite autumn flower,the chrysanthemum, in bronze pink,and salmon is really coming into its own.

October at the allotment 22 10 14

Well,I have two trays of cabbages to plant,that I have been very kindly given.the wind playing havoc, when I used netting to keep the bird's from feasting on ironic that the job,that should in theory, be the quickest, takes the longest. But having done that its a job well on to the strawberries, a new collection of them,freshly planted.around the raspberries, and blackberries. The wind has knocked over the Brussels sprouts, but thankfully, not up rooted them.whatever's left at home in the winter planting bulb sessions, I'm going to plant on our allotment. To be used for cut flowers.lots of tulips, and daffodils. Pulled up a few runner beans from the garden,our latest one's ever,primula's starting to flower now 

12 10 14 well the last few visits to the allotment have been about cutting back and digging, and hoeing,and weeding.collecting the last of the runner beans,pulling up and cutting back borage and getting tough with the raspberry plants cutting right I planted two types of garlic, and added two wheelbarrows full of our own organic compost.I was almost,almost tempted to pick the first Brussels Sprout's, but thought better of it .we have also have lots of really good sized leeks,ideal for home made soup.I have left out all the pumpkins, and squash to harden of for the winter.again these,will make great soup.the butternut were lacking in size,but on the other hand, there were lots of I have started another compost heap.I was really happy about this,and now I have to find time and room to plant,three more onion sets ! I'm hoping for plenty more mild days

25 08 14 hi,well to recap what I have done the last week or so, allotment wise.cut right back,the raspberry canes one of those jobs that I didn't do last year.cut right back all the borage and comfrey, the compost heap will really benefit from that.removed all the old strawberries,I'm going for all new plants for next year.iv had a really good clear out,and there is a lot more room to work the garden,our sunflowers are doing really well,unlike the asters,where only a few have come through. so next year I shall plant a lot more,but with more care for where and how I plant them.

19 10 14 allotment work,well at long last,I have managed to get here,and get to work.weeding, and hoeing has been the order of the day.there's a great feeling of contentment, when hoeing cutting through the weeds,and the results are there for all to see.I have set up another compost heap,allowing the other one,to completely rot now I can fine tune it,if I need it back up,in the garden.I decided to dig up the runner beans,to allow room for the onions. I dug up four leeks,wonderful for home made soup.and added to the harvest,the first Brussels sprouts of the year.I have pulled up,lots of borage, the reason being,to add to the compost heap,and to make way for more vegetables. Yesterday, which now,would be Sunday I planted three onion sets.digging and hoeing up a good section of the allotment. And best of all,I'm on holiday! I just hope that the gardening gods,give me lots of late summer, early sunshine.

hello fellow gardeners.this is a new gardening page,from me.well I'm making progress in becoming a full-time, full on organic gardener.bought up on a horticultural diet the good life,Geoff Hamilton,Monty don,and my parents.I have quite a few gardening jobs,but alas not enough to make a living, but never say never. I'm working on it.people keep telling me to take the plunge,so I'm getting ready.growing,selling, and making my own organic compost.I'm gardening the asters are showing their lovely flowers,which is a big relief, as a lot of them have been attacked. I have also cut back the sunflowers, using them for cut flowers in the house.they do look great, adding a cottage garden feel to the I have said before thank you to the lovely ladies of thirsk Methodist church for a great conversation, and lovely I'm going to draw out the summer flowering, then prepare the garden for autumn flowering, and planting.