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Feb. 2, 2016

02 01 16  hello fellow gardeners,yes I'm back,my iPad has been out of action but now it's up and here's what I've  been up to,hoeing on the allotment, getting the soil ready,for the potatoes I have sown broad beans garlic and onions.the Swiss chard has died back,but it has provided us with lots of tasty meals.looking around, there is twelve foxgloves that have seeded themselves, so I'm going to put them in our garden,I must admit that I haven't yet sown the to may seeds or the cucumber seeds yet either. So I'm behind, so at work,I'm spending time hoeing the border's, ready for spring and summer. I have also been mending the old pollytunnel, putting up new sheeting and sorting out the sliding doors.the night's are drawing out,which means more time for gardening bring on the spring weather.

Sep. 5, 2015

05 09 15 warm,and sunny what a gardening day,today has been.starting at the allotment, I decided to dig up all the late potatoes, which also allows me to dig up all the weed's as well.and from there,the next big job,would be preparing the soil for autumn planting onions garlic and broad beans.the old Raspberry's that we have had,for about five year's, have now mostly been dug up allowing a big piece of the allotment to be dug over and weeded.the grass from our lawn,which I dug up,and put on the compost heap has now become crumbly and loamy.I have this marked for adding to the sowing,of next years potatoes and,pumpkins. From there back home,and into the garden,yet more cutting back and we discovered that one of our quince, has actually grown lots of fruit its being covered up all summer. For the last few weeks, the potting shed has stored three big bags,of sieved compost and top soil.the were put into the wheelbarrow, and spread around the border's,adding height as well as a good mulch. Two more cucumbers from the greenhouse, and a armfull of mostly ripe tomatoes, im trying to rush them on. a great day's gardening,and a very rewarding one,at the allotment.

Aug. 31, 2015

31 08  15 rain,cool, and so here we are first gardening news,for a few days,two days ago we went back to our house and as always I cannot wait to step outside. There is a look of neglect, but sometimes, and I'm not making excuses a garden can look the better for it.yes I know,that the dasies have all but died back,and the Dahlia's are in need of dead heading but there is a rustic organic beauty to the look's wonderful, echinacea's are growing next to rubeckia's and they may have gotten out of control, but this is first and foremost a cottage garden.a bit of cutting back,and it will soon be in order,sitting outside when it's starting to get dark I then realised that I wouldn't swop this garden for anybody else's. As a matter of fact,I did start to cut back the dasies,and the rubeckia's this time of year I'm trying to coax as much growth as possible. The tomatoes are getting heavy, no matter how many canes I tie them to,but the are at last ripening and for that I'm greatful. At work today,I added five or six wheelbarrow loads of compost to the border's, soon I will dig it in.

Aug. 18, 2015

17 08 15 warm,and pleasant. And so to the allotment. When I walked,to our second plot,carrying a full bag of gardening waste and my well worn spade the first thing that greeted me was the smell of rotting this,and im not exaggerating here,smells like dog breath.but never mind,im organically rotting down the weeds,so there.I did dig up all the weeds and all the old raspberry canes,mainly because, they have been there for a number of years.and also this is me making a fresh start,on this plot plus,all the soil that has hardly ever being used is in great condition.all the seeds grass,and nettles are in a big pile,the nettles will be separated and put on the compost heap.lesson's learned this year,don't work on other people's gardens,because the allotment suffers. The cabbages cauliflowers, and broccoli that I planted later in the year,have all suffered. So I'm fully concentrating, on our garden and our allotment plots,but im confident that the pumpkins leeks and late potatoes will give us a good return in the late summer and autumn and winter months.

Aug. 15, 2015

15 08 15 here comes the sun.after yesterday's rain,and to be honest, my feeble attempts at getting down to any real hands on gardening I'm pleased to announce, that today was a real step forward. The tomatoes are finally, and I mean,finally starting to show signs of ripening. This was a lot of removing leave's, and getting rid of plants,that were all foliage and no tomatoes. But now thankfully, things are improving,so that's a bonus. I also sieved of all the compost,that was used on all of the tomatoes, that didn't produce any fruit's this combined with the sieved leaf mould and top soil and sieved compost will be added to the border's.all the rest of our gold coloured yarrow, has been cut back,and tied up in the potting shed for Christmas. I have also added teasles, and some lavender as well.there is some wonderful aromas floating around in the potting shed as the greenhouse, today as well as yesterday, the cucumbers have produced two big Whopper's one I left in yesterday and one I just saw this morning. All the rain yesterday, has done the garden a power of good,a yellow aster is standing proud and our camilea is growing. Taller and wider and greener.