the organic jobbing gardener

Apr. 27, 2015

27 04 15 sunny,but very cool.dashing from work,to meet up with the kings park retford volunteer gardener's. And what lovely people they are,they made me feel very welcome.we cleared a few flower beds,removing weeds,and dead heading the flowers.later in the potting shed,I repotted three trays of big chunky tomatoes, and their name escapes me,but they are Italian so there.sowing the seeds of kale,rossignol these really taste great and they are heavy croppers, plus they stand up to all weather conditions. I also decided to plant two different types of courgette, defender,another heavy cropper, and all green.if you allow these to grow into marrow's, which I sometimes do,then you won't be disappointed. They store well for month's, and have a mild flavour. For one moment,I thought that I have lost the marrow's, then I realised that they are in the cold frame!enjoy your gardening, and allotmenting.

Apr. 26, 2015

26  04  15  lots of sun,but a tad cooler. An early start this morning, ideal when the sun is shining. To recap yesterday, again early on I filled a tray with leek seeds,malabar. These are very good,having tried them last year,I was eager to plant them again.I also repotted our cabbage's Felder kraught, mmm interesting name, again good result's with these.I also sieved my my through an hour or two of leaf mould,always worth doing.then finishing off with using string to tie a clematis to the trellis. Back to today,tied in a couple of our roses,to the fence,I didn't realise how much growing they had done.cut back hard,the purple sage,and put most of it in the kitchen window. Planted quite a few Dahlia's outside, now there is the threat of oncoming frost! Put the new helienium, ruby tuesday in a pot,this was from berryfields.planted arctotis, red devil in the left hand border,this again was from berry fields.planted two dianthus, these were from flowers bought in a supermarket, take the side shoots,and put them in water till roots grow,then put them in a pot of compost.finished sieving the leaf mould,and the repotted a  single chrysanthemum, and that my fellow gardeners was my gardening weekend!

Apr. 24, 2015

24 04 15 very warm,but where is the rain? Early morning, I decided that finally, I going to take photos of the new tulip's, and the borders.later on we went to the allotment, I did lots of if there are other gardener's and allotment holder's, that have very stoney ground,then you are not alone.hoeing is hard work,when you have to keep stopping to dig out I did eventually plant four rows of peas,to go with the ones in pots in the greenhouse. The comfey, is starting to grow again,which is good to see.and I make made a start on making liquid feed,by collecting Dandelion's. Which,in the rate that they grow,round the allotment plot isn't a problem. I have filled a bucket with water,put them in,and now I will wait to see what happens.after digging up the lawn,I have collected the soil,and its going to be mixed with 3 parts compost, 3 parts leaf mould and 2 parts top soil.a experiment, I'm going to try,and see what happens with Dahlia's. And other plants.

Apr. 23, 2015

23 04 15 overcast,this morning. Well yesterday, what a scorcher! I was working in one of my clients gardens,and the sun was while I was digging in the border's, there was such a wonderful smell of the cow parselley. That scent,for me is the sight,and scent of the British summer.when I arrived back home,the sun was directly on the tulip's. Abu hassan,and queen of the night.wallflower Vulcan,cheri blood red,and fire king are all in full bloom.the sight of this,does not inspire me to go to work,I would much rather get my hands in the soil.I have also noticed, that this year,there is lots more flowers on our pleached pear tree than last year,the same as the crab apple tree.does that mean a bumper crop,or crops I hope so.stay tuned,fellow gardeners.

Apr. 19, 2015

18 04 15 a cool day first off,we had a very nice visit to the late,and great Geoff Hamilton's barnesdale garden nursery. Its a wonderful place,we did buy some great plants, of which I will list the afternoon, I paid a visit to our good life allotment. Last week a gave the weeds on our new plot, a spray with round up.and thankfully, its working.this is where I'm going to plant all our late potatoes. I did plant the last of the early potatoes, lady Kristel. Attacking the dry soil,with real gusto it must have appeared from visiting barnesdale this morning! The sprit of Geoff Hamilton, is here with me on the allotment. There was some light rain,but that won't stop me.the two gooseberry bushes were given a flying start,with two generous spade fulls of well rotted compost.and finally, the thee bags of leaf mould are now in our potting shed,where they will be seived, mixed in with compost the rest will go back to our allotment, to rot down.