17 07 14 allotment bound.with lots of butternut squash, and even more courgettes.after getting mad and depressed at the invasion of weeds, I thought I know what to do! I hit upon the idea of digging up the weeds and use the the stretch of land to plant the veg the curly kale is coming on a treat and another good crop of rhubarb is looking better after removing the weeds yet more cauliflower are ripe for picking comfrey and borage are trying to have the run of the plot all added to to the cottage garden kitchen garden I'm trying to create

15 07 14 well, well, guess who's back? back again? that's right I'm back ,and no I have not been on holiday, iv been working on my customers gardens. the allotment is in full production mode,if had endless amounts of cauliflower, raspberries, and new potatoes. I'm removing all the weeds from the allotment, and putting them into a single pile.iv pulled up all the onions, and garlic,and broad beans.and I'm also going to create a garden nursery, within the allotment. at home the flowers are doing well,even after the heavy down pours from a few weeks ago.sunflowers are slowly coming out,the cottage garden flowers are doing well,and there is plenty of time yet for a good summer display.

19 06 14 well, hello fellow gardeners and allotment holders. the garden that I spend the most time working on,is looking amazing ! I'm really getting stuck into the borders now they are shaping up now,after cutting back,weeding,digging, it has completely changed.iv been told that some of my lady gardening customers talk highly of me.back home if cut back some of our foxgloves, and dead headed the roses.this year the colour formation is perfect, and I'm really pleased with it.orange is the main color, calendula, all grown from seed,are really throwing out amazing shades of orange,first thing in the morning,and early evening.the roses,get better year after year.both in colour and structure. thinking forwards to next year,iv grown lots of foxgloves to sell in our range of cottage garden collection.

19 06. 14 well,the last few days have been a constant battle, trying to clear the allotment of weeds,and trying to get the vegetables planted,and harvesting our crops.up to yet,I would say that the broad beans are the most prolific, churning new ones out, every time I go there.iv dug up quite a few early potatoes. So we don't buy any,and its less time watering. Picked our first strawberries,yesterday. Thankfully, the birds haven't had to many yet,but I'm not been complacent. Iv made the mistake, of planting the cauliflowers to close together, so they will be smaller,but does it matter?the raspberries, are starting to turn red and the black currents are also showing,a new strategy, pick the cauliflowers when there are small and the curds are tight together. Nice and white. Strategy number two,leave the late potatoes in the ground,as late as possible, maximum taste,and size.