25 08 14 hi,well to recap what I have done the last week or so, allotment wise.cut right back,the raspberry canes one of those jobs that I didn't do last year.cut right back all the borage and comfrey, the compost heap will really benefit from that.removed all the old strawberries,I'm going for all new plants for next year.iv had a really good clear out,and there is a lot more room to work with.in the garden,our sunflowers are doing really well,unlike the asters,where only a few have come through. so next year I shall plant a lot more,but with more care for where and how I plant them.

hello fellow gardeners.this is a new gardening page,from me.well I'm making progress in becoming a full-time, full on organic gardener.bought up on a horticultural diet the good life,Geoff Hamilton,Monty don,and my parents.I have quite a few gardening jobs,but alas not enough to make a living, but never say never. I'm working on it.people keep telling me to take the plunge,so I'm getting ready.growing,selling, and making my own organic compost.I'm gardening mad.today the asters are showing their lovely flowers,which is a big relief, as a lot of them have been attacked. I have also cut back the sunflowers, using them for cut flowers in the house.they do look great, adding a cottage garden feel to the house.as I have said before thank you to the lovely ladies of thirsk Methodist church for a great conversation, and lovely cakes.now I'm going to draw out the summer flowering, then prepare the garden for autumn flowering, and planting.