the organic jobbing gardener

Mar. 21, 2015

20 03 15_21 03 15 bright and cool.well yesterday I finished digging up the lawn on the right hand side of the garden.dug it over,ready for planting and it looks good.then I met a man with a plan to create a community I'm really wanting to work on this.if it gets the go ahead,it will be ready august to September, such is fine with me.the allotment will be winding down by then.and speaking of that I have spent a couple of hours up there digging, and weeding plus hoeing.and it looks so much better. Its ready now for the potatoes. The onions and garlic and thicking up and the rhubarb is starting to show the greenhouse tomatoes are in need of potting into individual pots.I just might go outside and start digging up the otherside of the lawn.