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Mar. 26, 2016

26 03 16 yesterday, I collected all the old seed's together that had gone past their sell by date, and decided that the job to-do was put them all together in the compost heap.I'm curious as to see what,if anything grows so onto today I have sown the following seeds,cornflowers blue boy and poppy's black beauty, plus nastursham t and m improved. As the clouds started to gather,and a light drizzle started to fall,I went to the allotment and took four bags of turf that came from our lawn.checking out the rest of the leeks, I dug up the foxgloves that have seeded themselves, placed them in bags,I'm going to plant them into the border's at work tomorrow. At this time of year,the allotment is deserted which means I can quietly, and quickly get on with the work,back to the garden,I have cut back a few rose's that we are taking,I looked at the camiela and realised that this is the only flower, that I'm going to miss when we leave this house and garden.

Mar. 22, 2016

22 03 16 planting parthenocissus quinquefolia,or in my Manton lingo,Virginia creeper.there was sixty of these to plant,and it has taken me,the best part of two day's planting feeding and watering them in.but when they have matured, and established themselves, I know this will be worth it and anyway it's all a labour of love,yesterday whilst I was moving the plants from the pollytunnel, outside to harden them off,I noticed that one of the calendula's was showing signs of its bright,orange flower.also today whilst I was tipping a handful of compost in a hole, a frog fell out of the compost bucket,so I picked it up and placed it back in the secret garden.I have fed the Virginia creeper,with leaf mould this should give it a good start,looking in the planter's at work the primulas, and the pansy's are really coming along now,I have lifted two big clumps and they need to be replanted somewhere. Come along to hotel van dyks,near Worksop Nottinghamshire, and ask to see me,kev dale if you want to have a look round the garden's and the plants that are grown by me on site.there's always plants for sale, for the cottage gardener.

Mar. 14, 2016

14 03 16 the first warm day of march,and I'm working in the long border's, that's a joke for my wife she knows what I mean.anyway on to more serious things,this morning I placed all the plant's, from the pollytunnel outside to hardeen them off.this took more time than I thought. I'm trying to resist the urge to plant them out now,knowing full well that a strong frost will finish them off,so first things first.later on,I did add to the border's at work more yarrow and poppy's and one foxglove.earlier on when I was taking the moss out of the lawns,a woman asko me how and when to treat the lawns so I told her first to take up the moss,the add grass seed cover with soil to keep the birds away, the feed between march and September. Which I thought was nice to be asked for advice, and to top this off the woman thought that the border's were looking lovely. In music termsr this will be my led Zeppelin, four symbols album I hope people will take notice of what I've done,and ask me questions about it.

Mar. 11, 2016

10 03 16 is it me,or can anybody else feel the excitement, of the growing season? Anyway yesterday afternoon, when I arrived home I went into the garden,and started digging up our plant's. Chrysthanmums, poppy's and yarrow,plus a couple of echinaea's.these were put into the border's, at work I did separate a few of the chrysthanmums, and ended up with ten extra plants.there is still plenty to move,so it's a exciting time the long term goal,is to fill up the border's at work and then start growing plants for our garden.I'm going to take as many rose's as possible, both for work and our future garden,it's a great feeling to get my hands in the soil,plus I started to move the compost heaps from the front of the hotel to the secret garden.I finished mulching the box Hedge's, using the top soil that I have been hoeing, and raking.a lot of the work is now going on in the pollytunnel,the daliah seedling's ,dwarf mixture were repotted and watered .

Mar. 2, 2016

03 03 16 rain,well today I started in the border's, using my hoe to get the soil ready for spring and summer planting.the wind picked up,and then it started to rain,so I decided to catch up with work in the pollytunnel. Repotting the calendula's cornflowers, poppy's and Geranium's. After giving them a good watering,I then repotted the hollyhocks, these were bigger than I thought. If they don't flower this year,then they will the next.later when I arrived home,I decided to take all the flower's that I've grown here,I'm going to take them to work,and grow them there using the pollytunnel go bring them on.we are selling our house, and I'm going to have to give up our allotment, but I'm still gardening full-time,it's just going to be on a smaller scale but no less enthusiastic. All the flower's will be grown at van dyks hotel,just outside workshop,and then planted in all the border's. I'm really looking forward to it,this means that all my efforts, will be shown to the public, I'm still going to grow vegetables on the allotment this yeár,and next year at the hotel,so I'm going to be very busy creating new garden's this is a new gardening chapter in my life.