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Jun. 24, 2016

23 06 16 on the 21st at work,i was replacing,the old plants that where there earlier in the year,which were if I'm honest,certanly in need.adding a mixture of leaf mould,and compost made at the hotel,i added these flower's to the planter's around the hotel.verbena,trailing meltdowns lilac.verbena trailing lani royal purple with eye.begonia trailing,tenella white.pelargonium trailing temporal red.fuchsia trailing,southgate.bacopa cabana, petunia trailing Callie,light blue.begonia trailing general,yellow.begonia trailing bossa Nova f1,red.geranium,red f1.i n the border's,the white peony is showing a single flower,and also the poppy patty's plum,is also showing a hint of purple.yesterday,i planted fifteen echinaea,marmalade into the border's outside the reception area,the rest will be planted in our cottage I have repotted wall flower's,blood red and four aster's lemon duchess,yesterday I had a sudden idea,plant all the pumpkins,corgettes,marrows in the compost heaps and see what happens.they will have all the moisture goodness and heat that they need,so I shall see what happens.

Jun. 17, 2016

17 06 16 muggy,well for the first time in a few weeks,im going to sow a few seeds starting with lupin Russell mix.campannula medium mixed,hollyhock halo cream echinaea,pink parasol cosmos,sensation mixed Liberia,f bouquet.the last of the early potatoes,that I threw on to the compost heap seen to be growing getting the urge to pull them up.echinacea marmalade,are showing their flower's,i will plant them out next week.yesterday,i cleared out the stone border,at the front of the hotel lots of leaf mould had made itself there over the years,and so I have dug all that in.and on a final note,ive read that the great Monty don has upset a few horticultural people by saying that he doesn't like a certain type of flower,well I like it,and well done Monty for speaking your mind.

Jun. 11, 2016

11 06 16 the things that have happened,gardening wise I have been asked,to grow vegetables for the hotel.the purple(black) poppy's,are now starting to flower,and patty's plum has for the first time,ever is going to have a flower.before I almost killed it with kindness,so I left it in the greenhouse where it has made a full recovery.this week I have bought dianthus Rebekah,dianthus memories,and dianthus tickled pink.yesterday I saw lupins,russel mix sowing from February till July,so I'm going to be sowing some of these seed's.and also this week,the nasturshams are starting to flower today at work,im staking up the cornflowers and amnni the rain has knocked them down,but at least it's light to plant out sunflowers and Zinnia's,in the cottage garden,ive planted beetroot between the calendula's.


Jun. 6, 2016

06 06 16 and so work begins in our garden,we trying to grow vegetables in pots,courgettes Lettuce's little gem tomatoes cucumbers and runner beans.these are going to be grown,in our back garden plants for our cottage garden are trim,lady stratheden and geum more Bradshaw .Iceland poppy,papaver garden erysimum,bowless mauve.i have dug up some of the Geraniums those with the pink flowers,and replaced them with our dahalis.yesterday,the warm weather arrived I knew that I would have to water the plant's at work,whilst I was there I decided to take home the tomatoes,cucumbers and courgettes.the sunflowers are in need of planting in the border's,potatoes need earthing up and some of the poppy's have snapped of at the stem when I tried to straighten them up! But it's looking good.

May. 25, 2016

25 05 16 notes from the pollytunnel,where is,the sun? I have sieved off two bags of leaves and added to this, a plant pot  of old compost.mixed together,and used to feed the rest of the cucumber's ,until I started to put the rubeckia's marmalade into individual pots,i didn't realise how big they had hoping that the leaf mould,will give them another spurt of growth.the runner beans,and courgettes are now showing,and will need putting into bigger home,i have been putting down slug pellets around the echinaea's to save them from attacks,the slug's  have eaten the foliage,with the ferocity of Genghis the cottage garden,i have cut two roses,and placed them in the kitchen,where we can see them better.