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Aug. 24, 2016

24 08 16 since my last writing about the gardens,i have been picking courgettes and Pumpkin's,both for us,and the hotel.two days ago,i started to pick the first batch of runner beans,the helium's are in full bloom,and the roses are still flowering,indeed I have cut twelve for our cottage.i have added scabious,and aster's that I have grown from seed.the cosmos have started to flower,and the orange chrysanthemum have also flowered.i have cut into the lawn,in the cottage garden,purely for adding more flower's.we are picking tomatoes,i did buy myself a book about Geoff Hamilton,written by his brother,ive read it before dozens of times and its a great read.for autumn,and winter planting,i have bought three bags of bulbs.after adding lots of slug pellets as the rain poured down,over the weekend I've laid waste to the slug and snail population,do I feel bad ? No,leave the plants alone.the beetroots haven't been very good,size wise but the taste was there.

Aug. 10, 2016

06 08 16 according to Elvis Costello,it was a good year for the roses,well that's true,but it's also a good year for the echincea's rubeckia's dahlias and germaniums. And now the hollyhocks are in full bloom,at work yesterday,i tied a few of them with bamboo to support the stems.deep purple flowers bursting out,foxgloves are growing new leafs,thankfully after I cut them back,they looked a bit worse for wear.this week Jo and I,went to a garden centre where we hadn't been before and bought these plants.primula bulleyesna Achilles pink grapefruit salvia love and wishes digitalis illumination pink and.a few days later,mixed portulaca dahlia gallery rose gallery red and gallery salmon yellow.08 08 10 today,our pink hollyhocks are full of flowers,they are leaning forwards,so I have supported them with bamboo canes.after a slow start,down to me our cosmos are growing thick,strong stems hopefully,ths flowers will follow.the roses are still flower's,much to our delight where they are cut for the kitchen and living room.

Jul. 31, 2016

31 07 16 this week's gardening news,is about me sowing seeds of poppy's,pattys plum,and the more traditional poppy's.have you noticed,at this time of year,how things can evolve in the garden,if you haven't had the chance to have a good look around?in ours,the sunflowers are flowering,as are the Zinnia's,the echincea's are taller in our cottage garden,the hollyhocks are now showing a sign of their colour.and in the compost heap at work,what was last week just a group of pumpkins,and courgettes,is now producing lots of fruits.thanks to the rain and sun,i have picked a few courgettes.back to our garden,there are a few small runner beans,if they get to full size they will be late,but does it matter.i have reported one tomato plant,adding lots of leaf mould,beetroots are growing nicely.the robin at work,follows me around,when I'm hoeing and weeding,sitting with head cocked on one side,on the handles of the wheelbarrow.

Jul. 25, 2016

22 07 16 yesterday was again,lots of hoeing and cutting back the flower's,poppys with the idea,of drying out the seeds and saving them for early autumn and spring sowing.most of all the the poppy patty's plum,i did deadhead the cornflowers,blue boy,and black beauty to encourage new growth,and also to tidy them up.having cut back the aminni,a lookalike of the great cow parsley,there is also a similar smell,of the cow parsley as well.i did plant quite a few foxglove's as well,to bulk up the border's,the Echincea's are now in full bloom,a true marmalade color for once,these are flowering better at work,than in our cottage garden.the helenium's,which suffered a combined attack of slugs,and snails are now fully recovered,and soon will be in flower.walked around our garden at nine o clock tonight,at this time of year,gardens never look better,yesterday I pulled up the callendula's at work I will sow lots more in the autumn.24 07 16 I noticed that after repotting the cucumbers,adding lots of leaf mould,to the compost,a single cucumber is racing in front of the others.i have bought the salva's home to plant,in our cottage garden,six snails attached themselves to the plant Potts,....but not for long.

Jul. 15, 2016

15 07 17 gardening notes from the last seven day's,last Friday night,which was warm and humid,i decided to go outside and do a spot of gardening.deadheading the roses,and the calendula's the poppies are now dropping their flower's,which is a shame.the rudbeckia's and chrysanthemums are now,starting to take over our cottage garden,which is always welcome,but these are our plant's for late summer and autumn which is not what I want to start thinking about.this week I have bought the following seeds,sunflower helianthus maximiliani chocolate scented blooms.marigold,la gamba.rudbeckia kelvedon star.foxglove apricot ATM. Last weekend,we had a couple of days in a wonderful place called prestoller house,beavor lane Axminster Devon ex135eq .the hosts,caroline and Adrian are lovely,very friendly and helpful.its wellworth making the journey for the breakfast alone,and as a added bonus,there is delicious home baked bread.which this autumn,we shall be making ourselves.its a lovely part of England,and we shall be making a return trip,the rooms are very big,and the bed has given me the best night's sleep I've ever had,whilst been on the gardens are very neat,thats something that I always work,i have cut back the foxgloves.