27 02 15 cool and light rain.the last few days I have had a spending spree on plants.polyanthus, Stella champagne. A great color. Primrose.zebra blue.never seen it before so I bought it.clematis. jack manii.purple.passion flower.violacea again purple. This are going to grow up against the horrible conifer hedge.I have moved the dwarf dahalia's and asters grown from seed back into the green house.ready for lots more seeds to be planted on.as the growing seasons, slowly move along,I try to keep up with them.the next big jobs are digging up most of the lawn to make way for more flowers,and getting ready for the allotment.

21 02 15 yesterday's seed sowing.sunny but cold.I have made a mixture of my leaf mould,combined with used compost and a mixture of leaf mould from one of my clients gardens gardens.it smells very fresh,and woody.so I'm going to see how it works,the excitement of sowing more seeds is finally here.and so on to the seeds Foxglove's foxy a mixture of bold colours.French marigolds dwarf,mixed.wildflower greater napweed.I have never grown the latter before so I'm looking forward to see it flowering. Yesterday driving home from work I collected a few seeds from the cowparsley this has long been a favourite of mine.so I'm going to sow these and see what happens,I'm also going to take up a large part of the lawn,so we can create more border's for the flowers. Happy days.

18 02 15 getting warmer,this morning. Whilst cutting back the shrubs I noticed that the shrub's were rotting down into a very fine mulch,so I decided to take back a bag full.having seived them I put the bulky stuff into a bag for the compost heap,and the finer stuff I mixed into the compost. It has made a great combination, and I have used it in reppoting the flowers.the joy's of working in other people's garden's,its a great way for people to see your work and your idea's.

18 02 15 a pleasant early morning. As the sowing of seeds moves up another gear.a few days ago,I planted a tray of dahlia dawarf mixed seeds and a tray of aster pom pom seeds.and thanks to the rise in temperature, they have germinated. I have also being stocking up on fruit bushes,two gooseberry's red and green and aronia,melanocarpa Viking.primrose primlet mix,a deep rich red and primula belarina,cobalt blue.yesterday saw me buying fuchsia trailing blue angel and geranium,orange appeal.I am also working on a huge project one acre of land.two huge front borders,which I have cut back,and dug out all the shrubs.backbreaking work,but ultimately rewarding. Eventually these borders will be filled with plants,and the effect will be amazing. I'm bideing my time till I start the digging on the two big allotment plots,more land to work on this year,I relish the work load.

24 01 15 cool but, sunny the seed's that I had down,tomatoes leeks garlic chives,and dill have all come up plus a few flower's. The down side is that they have become tall and leggie,ie they have being forced.so now the next stage,to calm them down I'm going to put them back in the greenhouse. I have a collection of seeds to be down for next month,so I'm going to sow them next week.lots of cottage garden flowers,and vegetables for the allotment. Things are moving along in the garden,bulb's are pushing up their stems new spring growth on the chrysanthemums. The corn flowers are pushing their roots through the plant pots,and I'm itching to get them planted into the borders.spring is on the way,arhhh !! Gardening narvina.

20 01 15 cool again,and sunny checked the tomatoes growing in the spare room,then removed the lids.doing this will not force them to much,making the plant thin and spindly. The leeks are now showing themselves, again I removed the lids,when the frosts go I will chance them in the greenhouse. Today,I decided to buy a bag of lupins six to be exact. They are starting to grow stems,so I potted them up with fresh compost, and put them in our potting shed.I going to start sowing February's vegetable seed's next week.

17 01 14 frost and sun yesterday's gardening work was planting seeds.another tray of leeks,and a tray of garlic chives.and to bulk up the herb collection, I added a try of dill,I could actually smell the seeds in the pack.the tomatoes that I had sown before, were now beginning to show themselves. Over the last couple of night's, I have gone outside torch in hand,covering the plants up from Frost's. The idea of early sowing,is up to yet paying off time will tell.I have also landed a big gardening job,my biggest project yet.the start of a great partnership, we are going to bounce gardening idea's of each other, stay tuned my fellow gardeners.

14 01 15 bright, but ground frost.I was really excited about planting the fox gloves,from the allotment. They always grow well there so bringing them home,we can get their full benefit. I do think that their green foliage is as nice as the flowers.after moving some of the soil from where I planted them I ended up with a wheelbarrow full of top soil,now this can be put to good use as well.the seeds that I planted last autumn from the thistle have really began to form their leaves.soon I will put them into individual pots,really pleased with that result.

13 01 15 sunny and quite warm.driving up to the allotment, the bags full of gardening waste and one bag full of leaves.I started turning over the compost heaps,to allow air to get in then digging up the biggest leeks.there is still half a dozen left so I shall see if they will bulk up or not.I always like to have a look round the plot,when I've been digging as much out of curiosity, as anything. In between the raspberry Caine's there was a couple of Foxglove's,so I thought dig them up and I did about six altogether and two thistles. These will be planted in our nursery bed,next to the greenhouse. I'm going to plant them tomorrow. And I'm also going to be making organic homemade chutney and jam,from our own produce, another step to self sufficiency.

08 01 15 a bright,sunny day.today, I'm a man on a seed sowing mission. Looking through the seed collection, I decided to start with a much underated cottage garden flower,the achillea summer berries. Never having grown this type before, I'm going to see how it looks in our garden.next up is another first for me is the dianthus deltoides vampire. A deep rich red,this should be a good talking piece.then moving on to sowing the tomatoes. Ailsa Craig and also Roma vf.I have started them off in the spare room for extra warmth to start the germination period. I have also down a pot full of iris seeds,out of curiosity. Watch this space fellow gardening bloggers.

07 01 14 a cloudy day,but I did manage to get to the allotment. As the sun began to set,I began to put fork to soil.ahhh the immediate feeling of wellbeing, connecting with the soil it is starting to dry out,with the help of the masses of stones in the soil.I kept looking at the remaining leeks,wondering shall I dig them up yet,or let them mature.as the new year moves along, I'm mentally planning out where to put this years vegetables. The Swiss chard that I planted last year has being decimated, by something that I haven't seen.so this time I'm going to sow the red leaf variety. And on a final note,the frost has killed off the borage. Time to the seed's again 

06 01 15 i think,that there maybe a bit more daylight. And with that thought, I carried on repotting the rest of the poppies, black beauty.after trying to water the plants in the greenhouse, and almost treading on the plant pots I decided to put the lavender plants back outside. I only put them inside to dry them off a bit,because they were getting too wet.now thoughts are turning to sowing those tomato seed's. New year's resolution, to start sowing as soon as possible.

05 01 14 well,today I decided that repotting was the main job today.thankfully, after those frosts the tender plants have escaped unscathed, apart from the odd leaf. So the first plant to be repotted was ammi majus which I have grown from seed.looking around the garden, iris dwarf reticulata Joyce are now pushing through the soil.I'm also going to try the following tomatoes Roma vf,ailsa Craig and costoluto fiorentino.these will be grown from seed.I'm going to sow these, and if the temperature in the greenhouse is too cold then I will put them in a windowsill. I'm grabbing every moment that I can,for repotting the plants.I must remember that I have a couple of Scottish thistle's,collected from the allotment which will end up in the garden 

03 01 15 at last ! I did my first new year seed sowing.there I was in the potting shed,sieving of compost mixed with top soil.the first seeds to be sown were leeks,musellbough and I planted ninety two of those to start off with.the compost/soil was damp enough, so it didn't need any watering. And the next packet of seeds to be down was the delightful delphininum Galahad.a brilliant white colour,which will blend in with the purple or blue whichever way you see it,of the other delphinium. After that first sowing, there is now light at the end of the horticultural tunnel. And another good sign lots of bulbs are putting in another appearance.happy days are back my fellow gardeners.

01 01 15 well hello,and happy new year.this afternoon, was my first visit of the new year,to the allotment.originally, I just wanted to check out the broad beans,after those bad frosts and take a few bags of garden,and kitchen waste for the compost heap.but I decided to pull up all the Brussels Sprout's, and also the curly kale which have given so much.I was also informed,much to my immediate relief, that I could start working on the other plot of land.now I'm really going to go all out with growing as much vegetables, fruits flowers and herb's as possible. I'm so excited!! Plus I have a few job's writing for village newsletters as well.now I need some good compost for those seeds....

cottage gardening. 27 12 14 a list of some of the plants that I will be sowing next month.delphinium Galahad.dill.garlic chives.dianthus deltoides vampire.Achilles summer berries.Greek oregano oreganum vulgate.sweet pea tall mixed.parsley plain leaved 2 .and Leek's musselburgh.the growing season is almost upon us,and I cannot wait to reconnect with the soil.