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Jul. 25, 2016

22 07 16 yesterday was again,lots of hoeing and cutting back the flower's,poppys with the idea,of drying out the seeds and saving them for early autumn and spring sowing.most of all the the poppy patty's plum,i did deadhead the cornflowers,blue boy,and black beauty to encourage new growth,and also to tidy them up.having cut back the aminni,a lookalike of the great cow parsley,there is also a similar smell,of the cow parsley as well.i did plant quite a few foxglove's as well,to bulk up the border's,the Echincea's are now in full bloom,a true marmalade color for once,these are flowering better at work,than in our cottage garden.the helenium's,which suffered a combined attack of slugs,and snails are now fully recovered,and soon will be in flower.walked around our garden at nine o clock tonight,at this time of year,gardens never look better,yesterday I pulled up the callendula's at work I will sow lots more in the autumn.24 07 16 I noticed that after repotting the cucumbers,adding lots of leaf mould,to the compost,a single cucumber is racing in front of the others.i have bought the salva's home to plant,in our cottage garden,six snails attached themselves to the plant Potts,....but not for long.

Jul. 15, 2016

15 07 17 gardening notes from the last seven day's,last Friday night,which was warm and humid,i decided to go outside and do a spot of gardening.deadheading the roses,and the calendula's the poppies are now dropping their flower's,which is a shame.the rudbeckia's and chrysanthemums are now,starting to take over our cottage garden,which is always welcome,but these are our plant's for late summer and autumn which is not what I want to start thinking about.this week I have bought the following seeds,sunflower helianthus maximiliani chocolate scented blooms.marigold,la gamba.rudbeckia kelvedon star.foxglove apricot ATM. Last weekend,we had a couple of days in a wonderful place called prestoller house,beavor lane Axminster Devon ex135eq .the hosts,caroline and Adrian are lovely,very friendly and helpful.its wellworth making the journey for the breakfast alone,and as a added bonus,there is delicious home baked bread.which this autumn,we shall be making ourselves.its a lovely part of England,and we shall be making a return trip,the rooms are very big,and the bed has given me the best night's sleep I've ever had,whilst been on the gardens are very neat,thats something that I always work,i have cut back the foxgloves.

Jul. 5, 2016

04 07 16 today,there was work in our cottage garden,a shrub rose William royal a deep rich red was planted in the front lawn, or what passes for a was in bloom,so I have given it lots of compost,and water cut back it's dead stems, and it does look better.....even though my wife says it looks like a umbrella!! Around the inside of the square,ive put four Geranium's,zonal red.looking through the window,they have a metallic sheen to their flower' already planning next years planting,by getting these seeds,dahlia variables aster,s starlight mixed sweet pea,midnight blues sunflower,blackmagic calendula,touch of red mixed aster,palette mixed larkspur,giant imperial mixed.i loaded the wheelbarrow,with plant potted dahlia's,and put them in the borders of our cottage garden,happy day's.

Jul. 4, 2016

02 06 16 this week,pattys plum is in bloom! I have in two border's, planted echinacea marmalade, and yarrow.chrysanthemums were planted yesterday,all the main border's were hoed and weeded.potted dahlia's were planted in our cottage garden,roses were cut for our kitchen.saliva's and scabious were put outside,to harden them off.i have found a rouge tomato plant,that despite been left to its own devices,is growing strong and Hardy.also the hollyhock seeds,have germinated with the lack of warm summer weather,they must think that we are in autumn,and yesterday I have picked the first batch of broad Bean's,i n the worst soil I have ever worked I have bought Rosemary,mrs Jessop a shrub that will be eventually six feet tall by five feet wide,and also three small thyme plant's.t these will be used for the kitchen garden at work,i have also fetched back from work,a shrub rose,prince William it's now strong and healthy,but suffered a bit when we moved going to plant it in our cottage garden,in the middle of the so called lawn.

Jun. 24, 2016

23 06 16 on the 21st at work,i was replacing,the old plants that where there earlier in the year,which were if I'm honest,certanly in need.adding a mixture of leaf mould,and compost made at the hotel,i added these flower's to the planter's around the hotel.verbena,trailing meltdowns lilac.verbena trailing lani royal purple with eye.begonia trailing,tenella white.pelargonium trailing temporal red.fuchsia trailing,southgate.bacopa cabana, petunia trailing Callie,light blue.begonia trailing general,yellow.begonia trailing bossa Nova f1,red.geranium,red f1.i n the border's,the white peony is showing a single flower,and also the poppy patty's plum,is also showing a hint of purple.yesterday,i planted fifteen echinaea,marmalade into the border's outside the reception area,the rest will be planted in our cottage I have repotted wall flower's,blood red and four aster's lemon duchess,yesterday I had a sudden idea,plant all the pumpkins,corgettes,marrows in the compost heaps and see what happens.they will have all the moisture goodness and heat that they need,so I shall see what happens.