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Apr. 30, 2016

30 04 16 a warmer day today is the first day working in our new garden,our new cottage garden,first job was to cut the grass. Then I cut back some of the lawn,mainly to make the lines more defined. The main flower's are for get me nots,now as much as I like these,I want to make room for our home grown flower's.moving on to the front lawn,it's mostly moss,so I put the rake to work and removed it.the border's are full of aquilegia's these are self set,so it's going to be interesting what their colours are.I did buy two trays of Geranium's, Ringo 2000 a salmon pink colour and white.and also these free seeds as well,aquilegia,chocolate soldier sweet pea tickled pink,foxglove excelsior hybrid mix,and last but by no means least,poppy black these seed's come under the heading of the Chelsea collection. All good candidates for the cottage gardener.

Apr. 24, 2016

24 04 16 two days ago,I had a chance to his our allotment, and at first glance it was covered in weed's. This was the moment, when I decided enough is enough, there and then I thought now's the time to give it I have dug up all the garlic onions which we are getting to use as spring onions, and by the way these were sweet,and had a bite like the vampires in the eighties flick the lost boy's, now if you haven't seen this film I urge you,to check it out.back to the allotment it's now to far for us to travel back to so,I'm growing vegetables at work,and lots of flower's there,and at home as well.I have bought cucumber seed's market more 76.and I'm going to sow these today.if you want your car to smell fresh and organic, then I would suggest loading up the boot with leeks,onions and garlic, it's wonderful and lasts for a few days.yesterday I started to pull up all the tulip's that had finished flowering, to give the rest a chance to come into bloom,its just an excuse to get my hands in the soil again really! The vegetables that I have sown over the past few weeks, have germinated and are ready for potting on,next step is to buy courgettes and plant the rest of the potatoes, all the calendula's are now in flower, the question is do I plant them at work or plant them in our garden? 

Apr. 19, 2016

17 04 16 warm and sunny as work in and around the pollytunnel continues, I'm busy sieving leaf mould,and top soil that has come from mole hills that is very fine and is ideal for adding to potting compost.yesterday I put our potatoes into the border's next to the pollytunnel, without adding any compost at this moment in time I'm experimenting with this soil.yesterday I bought the following seed's, salvia claryssa mixed zinnia elegans,whirlygig mixed and rudbeckia Carmel mix .today I have bought,sunflower sunburst scabious tall double mixed pumpkin racer f1 and leek musselbrough. Yesterday, I bought home from work four of the calendula's that I have grown in the pollytunnel, well this is our new cottage and they are great cottage garden plant's. The snake's head fertilary that I  bought last summer, died but has grown back better than ever, so I dug it up put in a pot and I'm going to leave it in that.I now a converted fan now of these plant's.

Apr. 9, 2016

08 04 16 my notes,from yesterday's gardening at the hotel, I'm looking around where to put my compost heaps. I do want them close to where I'm working, mainy because it's a open space so the sun can create heat,and I can keep turning them over,and visiting guest's can see the work in progress. I'm making progress in the new border's, but not enough is there ever enough time?once the risk of frost has gone, I'm going to plant into the border's, calendula's anmmi cornflowers,and poppy's. I'm in two minds,about planting the echinaea's here at the hotel or shall I take them back to our new house,or the other option is buy new seeds and have the best of both worlds.last year we bought the wonderful tulip,Abu  hassan now the problem is where has it gone to,I know that when it finished flowering I gathered them up,and tied them together and last November put them into a plant pot.either they have lost some of their vibrant orange color, or they just haven't flowered yet.anyway back to our allotment, there is quite a few tulip's there yellow and red,like raspberry ripple icecream now I'm keeping my eye on these baby's and they will find their way into our new garden.

Apr. 6, 2016

06 04 16 sunny breezy,and patchy rain looking around the garden's at work,pansy's and primulas need deadheading, that's one of my first jobs.looking at the Virginia creepers I'm sure that the buds are now more prominent, it could be the odd spell of sun that we keep getting,after taking all the plants outside to harden them off I started digging.there is dome really satisfying about this,apart from being able to see where you have been, it's labour intensive and I guess that's where the enjoyment, and satisfaction arrives from.the echinaea's are really starting to grow now,thankfully they survived their experience in the wet border. I'm leaving them in the pollytunnel, to grow more then I shall start to harden them off outside, I filled a couple of plastic bags with wet leaves to bulk up the leaf mould collection. It's invaluable, and absolutely free later on after work,I called in at the allotment dug up eight leeks and quite a bit of Swiss chard,bright lights it's starting to grow again,and the leeks are for homemade leek soup,my favourite.I planted garlic last October an early variety and they seem almost ready to pick, the stems look quite thick,so I'm tempted to try them,stay tunned....